Viewing Your Medical Record Online

Viewing Your Medical Record Online

Information for patients about how you view your health information

This section provides information about how you can view your current medical record online, request historical access to your notes, and gain proxy access to view another patient’s record

There are a few different ‘visibility’ levels available for patients to view their medical records online. We have tried to simplify this by breaking it down into the categories below.

Signing up for Online Access

To view your medical information online you must first sign up for an online access account. Please see our Get Online Access page for more information.

Prospective Online Access

You may have read online or in the media about the NHS changes to ‘Prospective/future record access’. This refers to a plan to provide patients with online accounts (who do not already have access) with digital access to information entered on their medical record from a specified ‘go live’ date. Prospective access includes all areas of your medical record, including documents and test results (once they have been assessed and filed by your practice).

Pilning Surgery’s ‘go live’ date was October 19th – This means that when you sign up for an online account, if you were registered with the practice before October 2023, you will automatically have access to all information entered on your record after the go live date. Patients registered at the practice after the go live date will be able to view all medical information from the date of their registration.

Prospective access does not apply to:

  • Those under the age of 16
  • Proxy accounts

Historical Online Access

If you would like to view information on your medical record that was entered before the prospective access date above, you will need to apply for the additional access using our Online Access Request form.

Once approved by the practice, we will enable online visibility to your full* historical records.

*Historical access does not currently include documents or free text entries. These are currently only available online via prospective access. If you would like to request access to information that is not visible via historical online access. Please submit a Subject Access Request (SAR) to the practice.

Proxy Online Access

If you would like to request online access to another patient’s record. You can request access as a proxy using our Proxy Online Access Request form.

NHS abbreviations you may find in your health record

An abbreviation is a short way of writing a longer word or phrase. The below link to commonly used NHS abbreviations may help you to better understand your medical record.

NHS Abbreviations

Medical Entry Queries

The decision to withhold information from online view rests with the clinical team. Where possible this will be undertaken.

If you wish to raise a query over information on your medical record that you can or cannot see, please complete our Medical Entry Query form.

Please note: The Medical Entry Query form is only to be used for querying or contesting information on a patient’s medical record. For general medical queries and requests for clinicians relating to your health, please submit an online consultation.