Stroke/Transient Ischaemic Attack (TIA)

A Transient Ischaemic Attack (TIA), also called a “mini stroke”, is a serious condition where the blood supply to your brain is temporarily disrupted.

If you’ve had a TIA in the past, it is important to attend a yearly review so that we can monitor your health to reduce the risk of you developing complications.

Although the symptoms of a TIA resolve in a few minutes or hours, you’ll need treatment to help prevent another TIA or a full stroke happening in the future.

Treatment will depend on your individual circumstances, such as your age and medical history. You may need a medication review, and it is useful to discuss any lifestyle changes you can make to reduce your stroke risk.

Regardless of whether you have had a TIA or stroke in the past, there are several ways you can lower your risk of having either in the future.

These include:

Please telephone the health centre to book an appointment with the nurse. The appointment lasts about fifteen minutes and involves checking your blood pressure and having annual blood tests. Please bring a urine sample to this appointment.

You may require a follow up appointment, which could be as a phone call or a face to face.

Please telephone reception on 01454 632939 to book your appointment.

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