How we use your information

We keep information about you, including your name and contact details, notes of consultations with you and the treatments you received, on both computer and paper records. This enables us to monitor the quality of care provided, share information as appropriate across the different organisations who may be involved in your care and treatment, and the plan and review health services.

Information about you which is stored on any media is subject to strict security controls.  All practice staff and everyone else working for the NHS have a legal duty to keep your medical and personal information safe and confidential. All practice staff receive training and updates about how to handle your information.  We will not disclose your information to third parties without your permission, except in exceptional circumstances, for example when the health or safety of you or others is at risk.

In some instances you may be receiving care jointly from NHS and other health and social care providers, information about you may be shared with them.  Any such organisations who may receive confidential information about you will also be under the same legal duty to keep your medical and personal information safe and confidential.

You may be invited to participate in research studies.  All research must be approved by a ‘Research Ethics Committee’ before it can commence. Details about you and your health will not be passed to researchers unless you choose to take part.

In certain circumstances we may be required by law to share information with the appropriate authorities. This may be to prevent you or others coming to harm, or in child protection cases, or in the control of infectious diseases. This information is only provided after formal authority has been given by a qualified health professional.

How you can arrange to see your own records

Under the Data Protection Act 1998, should you wish to access your medical records, please contact the surgery. Please note there is usually a fee for this service. You will be asked to put your request in writing (please speak to a member of our Reception Team who will be able to provide you with a relevant form). Should your doctor decide that seeing your records might put your health at significant risk, you may only be shown part of your records or your request may be declined.

Questions or concerns

Should you have any questions or concerns about how your information is handled, please contact us.