Dr Rachel Brown – secures NICE Fellowship

Montpelier Health is delighted that Dr. Rachel Brown (Partner) has secured a prestigious NICE Fellowship.

NICE Fellows are senior health and social care leaders who are ambassadors for the Institute at regional and national levels and among their professional groups and peers. Over the course of their three-year fellowship they are expected to build a network of influential professionals who will support NICE in the implementation of its guidance, driving up the quality of care delivered and encouraging the adoption of cost effective innovation into practice.

Fellows have the opportunity to use their expertise to shape the Institute’s guidance programmes and initiatives. For example, in developing support tools for specific pieces of guidance, or contributing to high-level discussions about issues of quality and leadership. As well as shaping guidance, being appointed a Fellow can support an individual’s professional development.

Fellowships are awarded to senior professionals across health, public health and social care and in order to ensure wide opportunities for participation, Fellowships are non-renewable.

Fellows are supported in their role through a series of workshops, as well as an optional senior adviser from NICE. The Fellowship will also facilitate access to the expertise of the NICE teams.

Dr. Brown commences her role on the 28th of March 2014.